Say Goodbye To Your Double-Chin- How Kybella Can Improve Your Profile

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Do you eat a healthy diet, exercise often, and keep your weight under control, yet still struggle with a stubborn double-chin? If so, you might be an excellent candidate for Kybella. It’s the only product approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to remove small to moderate amounts of the submental fat that tends to form below your chin.

Kybella is an injectable treatment using a substance called deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring agent that appears in human bile and dissolves fat. Treatment allows doctors to directly inject Kybella into fat pads and dissolve the membranes around the fat cells. As a result, the fat cells are destroyed and absorbed by your body, making it significantly harder to deposit the fat back underneath the chin.

Most patients receive 2–3 Kybella treatments to achieve their desired look. Each treatment consists of several injections to ensure we target the majority of the offending fat cells. We typically wait 6-8 weeks between appointments, which gives the injections time to work their magic before the next round.

All patients experience some burning during and after treatment, though many report less intense effects during their second and third sessions. Patients can also expect the area to swell for several days to a week after each treatment as it’s part of the immune system’s process to clear out the old fat cells. To help reduce any discomfort, swelling and bruising, we recommend patients apply ice packs to the treated area. Once the swelling goes down, the skin tightens slowly and lifts, creating a sleeker and younger-looking profile.

No aesthetic procedure is risk-free, and there are rare reports of nerve injury affecting the corners of the mouth. The good news is that this side effect is now even less likely with the updated injection patterns we use during the treatment — and all known cases eventually resolved on their own.

Kybella works best on small to moderately sized fat pockets, and those with larger amounts of fat will typically require other procedures. We also typically would not recommend the treatment to those who have previously had a facelift and neck lift, have very loose skin, or experience any difficulty swallowing. If you want the area under your chin to be firmer, we’ll be glad to see if Kybella is the right choice for you. Call our office to schedule a consultation today!



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