Third Time’s A Charm- Karen Shares Her Experience at Eye Plastic Associates

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When Karen visited Dr. Scott in February, she was no stranger to xanthelasma, a condition that results in yellow discoloration around the eyes. She had previous surgery to correct the spots twice in the past 20 years. “They like to come back in different places,” she says. But when the pandemic began in 2020, it delayed her plans for removal. In the meantime, the xanthelasma continued to grow.

Karen visited the dermatologist who performed her prior surgeries, but they no longer did the procedure and referred her to Dr. Scott. Unfortunately, the xanthelasma had grown so large that Dr. Scott needed to perform more than one procedure. “They had to do it in three sessions because he wanted to make sure I didn’t scar in an awkward way,” Karen says. “I understood, but I was sad. Dawn consoled me while I cried, and she understood I’d had my heart set on having it done.”

After processing the disappointment, Karen moved forward. “They just numbed the area, and then Dr. Scott was able to cut and cauterize it,” Karen says. “I couldn’t really feel it, and it was quick and easy.” Recovery between the procedures took about eight weeks, and she had three surgeries in total. She is happy with the results and notes that there was minimal scarring.

“A little girl came into the shop where I work and asked, ‘What’s that?’” Karen remembers. “Her poor mom was mortified, but I explained they’re kind of like moles or freckles. But when you’re wearing a mask, all you can see are a person’s eyes, so they were definitely noticeable, and I’m very glad they’re gone now.”

Karen is married with two college-aged daughters, 18 and 21. She works at the Girl Scout shop selling apparel, badges, and gear. Karen likes to get creative and make new things during her free time. She enjoys sewing, painting, scrapbooking, and other crafts and is also an avid bowler.

“If anyone asks me what happened to the things on my eyes or needs the same thing done, I would definitely recommend Eye Plastic Associates,” Karen says. “The office staff was wonderful, they were always very pleasant, and it was easy to make appointments. The recovery was also quick, and there was no pain.” We hope Karen’s xanthelasma doesn’t return anytime soon, but we’ll be ready to take her call if it does.



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