I Can See Clearly Now How Reading Fiction Can Benefit You Patient Vicki Condo Shares Her Surgery Experience

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Vicki Condo never planned to get plastic surgery, but a medical issue changed her plans. She knew that her upper eyelids were starting to droop but learned during a vision test that they were actually obstructing her sight. “I got scared that it would get worse, and I wouldn’t be able to drive,” she remembered.

Someone she knew had recently seen Dr. Scott for an “eyelid lift” with great results, so Vicki decided to give him a call. “I also had bags under my eyes,” Vicki said, “so Dr. Scott told me, if I was interested, it would be best to have the upper and lower eyelids addressed at the same time.” In the end, she had a cosmetic treatment on her lower lids, and since the upper lids were considered medical, health insurance covered that part.

She notes, “I’m normally a nervous Nellie when it comes to any kind of surgery, but Dr. Scott has the best bedside manner. Right away, you know when you click with a doctor, and I just liked him and his mannerisms.”

Including preparation and recovery, the entire outpatient procedure took under six hours, with the surgery itself lasting around 90 minutes. Vicki got nervous on the way there, but Dr. Scott, the nurses, and the other staff quickly put her at ease. “My husband said he’d never seen me so calm,” she remembers. “There’s just something about Dr. Scott that’s very reassuring.”

About her recovery, Vicki laughed, saying, “You look crazy the first few days after the procedure. My husband was hysterical; he had a great time.” But Dr. Scott had explained the recovery process in detail before surgery, so Vicki knew what to expect. “The healing and aftercare happened exactly like they said it would. I’m very happy with the work.”

Vicki has been married for 37 years and has two grown children, but jokes, “I’ll never have grandchildren; I’ll have to have a granddog.” She lives what she calls “a quiet life” as a homemaker, and she enjoys spending time with friends and walking at Great Falls Park.

“Having surgery on your eyes is pretty scary,” Vicki admits, but she’s very glad she went through with the procedure. “I told Dr. Scott I’d rather have less than more done, and he did exactly what he promised. If you ever need this kind of work done, I definitely recommend Dr. Scott.”



Meet Dr. Scott - Your Dedicated Oculoplastic Surgeon

Renowned for his commitment to enhancing your eyelid and facial appearance while prioritizing your safety. Dr. Scott is board-certified in Ophthalmology and has specialized fellowship training in Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  With extensive training at prestigious institutions, including the Medical College of Virginia, Manhattan Eye, Ear, & Throat Hospital, and the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Dr. Scott brings a wealth of expertise to his craft. His accolades, including recognition as a Top Plastic Surgeon by Northern Virginia Magazine, underscore his dedication to excellence. Dr. Scott's passion lies in helping you achieve the best aesthetic results while safeguarding your eyesight.

Location: Fairfax - Northern Virginia

Areas of Expertise: Cosmetic laser eyelid surgery ( blepharoplasty ), ptosis surgery, treatment of benign and malignant eyelid cancers, correction of eyelid malposition – ectropion, entropion repair, and Botox and filler treatment.