Appreciation For Team Members And Patients

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For the theme of Thanksgiving this year, I want to highlight how much I appreciate working with such a wonderful group of talented people. Throughout the work week, I like to arrive at the office early to get things organized. As I prepare for the day, I’m always pleased to see everyone come into work with a delightful and positive attitude. They come through the doors ready to work as a team, supporting the motto in our office: We don’t live to work; we work to live.

All of us here at Eye Plastic Associates function as part of that team, and we are a work family. We back each other up. If, heaven forbid, someone faces a hardship , we want to be sure they feel supported. If this struggle should require that they take some time off, it’s important that we support them. We want to create a work environment where everyone on the team feels that this is, indeed, a family.

“We have a motto in the office, which is: We don’t live to work; we work to live.”

It makes me smile to overhear someone on our team turn to another member to thank them for their help that day or to compliment them for doing such a good job. That type of encouragement stays with people and moves people to do their very best. Though some days may be challenging, taking time to appreciate something someone does, small or large, is so important. And when the workday is finished, I love hearing my staff pack up and leave laughing and joking as they head for home. Every day they come in as a team, and every day they leave as one.

This feeling of support and camaraderie is the same experience we wish to share with our patients. We hope it’s apparent to those who visit our office. Committed to each other, the work we do, and the services we offer, we want each patient to have that same shared sense of support and appreciation. Fortunately, it easily runs both ways. It is especially gratifying to interact with many patients who share a similar approach to life.

As a place of focus, one of my goals for the office is to make sure my team has enough energy to meet the needs of their day — not simply enough energy for the workday, but to maintain that energy when they head home. A successful work environment ensures energy enough to enjoy their lives outside of work, whether that be spending time with their family, cultivating a hobby, or spending time with friends.

I often compare it to that excited anticipation we feel when there is a special celebration or event marked on our calendar. During the week leading up to that day, we get excited in anticipation of this planned activity. When the day arrives, there is an extra level of energy because we know we’re leaving to do something fun. In that same way, I want all of us at Eye Plastic Associates to have that energy when we go home.

In support of these values, and specific to the Thanksgiving season, it is good to take time to spotlight these types of blessings. It’s important to set aside time to reach out to those we love and care for and make our appreciation known, whether family, friends, colleagues, or patients. It’s also worthwhile to remember we need not limit these outward expressions of gratitude to a single season. May this Thanksgiving holiday help us focus on those who matter most.

I want to highlight my gratitude and appreciation for my team members and my patients. To each of you I work alongside of, thank you. Please know I value all that you bring to my life professionally and personally.



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