Treatment of Dry Eye and Other Tearing Disorders

Dr. Scott offers the latest techniques to treat both chronic dry eyes and tearing disorders. Tearing disorders can be broken down into two main categories: too few tears or too many tears. If the eye is chronically dry with either inadequate tears or the wrong consistency of tears, you can suffer from burning, stinging and chronic irritation of your eyes. If artificial tears and ointments have not improved your condition, you may be a candidate for the latest punctal plug occlusion. Punctal plugs generally provide dramatic improvement of the discomfort associated with dry eyes.

If you suffer from too many tears, with tears running down your face, you may have a blocked tear drainage duct, and this can be helped, as well. Blocked tear drainage ducts can cause chronic infections, red eyes and ocular irritation. There are both medical and surgical treatments to correct excessive-tearing problems.

The exact treatments Dr. Scott recommends would vary depending upon the exact diagnosis. The best way to determine the nature of your condition and the appropriate course of treatment is to schedule a consultation and have Dr. Scott thoroughly evaluate the problem.

If you suffer from dry eye or another lacrimal disorder, please call 703-620-4300 today to schedule your private consultation.