The Face of Beauty is Yours

You’re happy with the person you’ve become. You enjoy your life, your family and your friends. But the same years that have enhanced your life have taken some of the life from your skin. That’s not how the story has to end. You can look as radiant on the outside as you feel on the inside. At Eye Plastic Associates, we are dedicated to helping you achieve just that. Dr. Scott is experienced with the advanced, innovative techniques that can help you look years younger.

He can help diminish the wrinkles, crow’s feet, uneven pigmentation and other telltale signs that sun, stress and life have left behind and you can reveal a refreshing, more youthful looking you. His experience and expertise are why so many area physicians trust Dr. Scott.

Turn Back the Hand of Time
(and Sun, and Wind, and...)

Laser skin resurfacing with the UltraPulse® CO2 laser can smooth the lines, scars and damaged skin that have formed as a result of sun, wind or acne. A gentle wash of laser light safely removes the damaged skin layer, revealing a fresh, new, healthy appearance. Some special care is required, such as cool compresses and a particular skin-care regimen. (We can help with that, too.) You may also experience some redness, which may last for up to six months. However, after a couple of weeks, you should be able to conceal this with cosmetics. You will also need to avoid exposure to the sun. After your recovery period, you should see a dramatic improvement in the quality and appearance of your skin.