We Can Improve How You See the World
...And How the World Sees You!

Do your eyes say too much about you, like how many late evenings you’ve spent at the office, how often you’ve worried about finances or how many nights you’ve waited up for a teenager?

The skin that surrounds the eyes is so thin and delicate that the aging process can really take its toll on the skin tone, changing the shape of eyelids and making you look much older and constantly tired. If you suffer from sagging eyelids, excess eyelid skin or under-eye pouches, laser eyelid surgery offers significant improvements over previous corrective techniques.

Dr. Scott performs cosmetic eyelid surgery, called a blepharoplasty, with state-of-the-art lasers and the utmost care. With these advanced lasers, he can achieve wonderful results with less discomfort and faster recovery time.

The technique produces a refreshed, more youthful look that is a natural extension of your own beauty and can be performed in conjunction with laser skin resurfacing or other procedures for a more dramatic improvement. Time and again, patients with sagging, tired-looking eyes have expressed only one regret: waiting so long to have it done!