Correction of Ptosis/Droopy Eyelids

Ptosis is a condition that causes the upper eyelid to droop, and Dr. Scott performs ptosis correction with a remarkable technique that leaves no visible scarring. If your eyelid droops to the point where it blocks your vision, the procedure may be covered by insurance.

Additionally, redundant eyelid skin and related conditions can restrict or even block your vision in one or both eyes. Dr. Scott can correct vision impaired by excessive eyelid skin with laser surgery, and this procedure may also be covered by your health insurance plan. Dr. Scott can also remove the fat from puffy lower eyelids with an advanced technique that also leaves no visible scarring.

After he became board-certified in ophthalmology, Dr. Scott trained under world-renowned leaders in eyelid surgery. This means you will receive the attention to detail that comes from a surgeon who specializes in eyelid surgery, as well as the safety that comes from a specialist who is so knowledgeable about protecting and improving your peripheral vision.

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