Relax Your Way to Smoother-Looking Skin With Botox

Frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead creases that result when your facial muscles contract can be temporarily eliminated with this safe, effective procedure. Botox is used to relax these muscles for a smooth, non-wrinkled appearance, whether you’re smiling or frowning. You'll see the effects of this nonsurgical treatment within a few days, and you’ll enjoy up to four months of beautiful results.

Reveal a More Radiant You With a Power Peel

Wrinkles, age spots, blotchiness and even freckles can add years to your face. Dr. Scott can help erase the signs of time using Power Peels and glycolic peels that shed dead skin cells and uncover a more radiant, younger-looking you. Also known as microdermabrasion, Power Peels carefully diminish fine lines and surface irregularities to give you smooth, younger-looking skin with no down time. (You can even have a Power Peel on your lunch hour!)

Making the Most of Your Skin Through Medical Skin Care

We offer a wide array of the most advanced skin care products available today. We’ll create a regimen designed specifically to help you improve the condition of your skin, or help maintain your skin after one of the treatments described above.